2019 TOPPS Bowman Mega Box Baseball Card Break | The Card Monster. This was a fun break including many parallel hits. Some great players were represented in this box. Check it out. Only sold at Target locations, each Mega Box contains four regular Bowman packs and two of the exclusive Chrome packs for $19.99. This is a change from the 2018 set that had five Bowman packs and two Chrome packs for $14.99. The skip-numbered base set for 2019 Bowman Mega Box Chrome Baseball pulls from the main prospect lineup in 2019 Bowman Baseball. The difference is the distinct background design on the chromium finish. A grand total of 100 players comprise the "mojo" checklist, including multiple levels of numbered Refractor parallels. There are also Image Variation cards for several of the key names. These are tough pulls at 1:140 packs (1:70 boxes). Inserts include the 20-card Ready for the Show and Rookie of the Year Favorites sets.

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Thanks for looking.

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