Panini Cornerstones 2017-2018 Hobby Box

Panini Cornerstones 2017-18 Basketball Card Box Break | The Card Monster.

A seriously fun box to open. Great looking cards with great hits. A box I would love to open again. This box was purchased from

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A new mashup for NBA fans, 2017-18 Panini Cornerstones Basketball compiles a few known entities into a one-pack-per-box format.

With just six cards per Hobby box, the average yield is two autographs, one relic and one special insert.

Base cards, numbered to 165 or less, should fill two spots in each box of 2017-18 Panini Cornerstones Basketball. Parallels include Crystal (#/89), Quartz (#/49), Granite (#/25), Marble (#/10), and Onyx (1/1).

The short-printed inserts average one per box and include PVC-stock designs. Unbreakables covers the long-lasting stars and Startups is for the young players and top rookies. Carried over from 2016-17 Studio, the case-hit Downtown has a distinct look that combines player images with colorful art.

Headlined by the namesake insert that got its NBA start in 2016-17 Grand Reserve, each 2017-18 Panini Cornerstones Basketball box averages one hard-signed Cornerstones quad relic. Featuring Rookie and Legendary selections in addition to the main Veteran set, every Cornerstones card is limited to 199 or less.

With the Cornerstones parallels, as the rarity increases so does the relic quality. For instance, Crystal (#/75 or less) has one prime piece of the four, Quartz (#/49 or less) ups that to two, Granite (#/25 or less) offers three, and both the Marble (#/10 or less) and Onyx (1/1) parallels showcase four prime relics per card.

Other 2017-18 Panini Cornerstones Basketball hits include Keystone Signatures and Pillars of Power Autographs. Fractured Memorabilia is one of the relic options that combine to average one per box.

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